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How many times have you sat watching a movie and your mind wanders? A famous scene in a movie might illustrate Batman going back to the bat cave, and in the real version his butler is ready and waiting to help him prepare for his next venture—fighting good versus evil!  When your mind wanders, in your version—batman is you, in the bat cave, greeted by a sea of women all wanting to get fucked and ready to bend over at your leisure.  Good versus fighting off pussy!  Let’s turn the tables—you dream that you are Wonder Woman, you rescue a gorgeous man with a big dick, and he wants to thank you from the bottom of his cock!  I know, I know, it sounds incredibly cheesy, but you know you love it.  If you are unfamiliar with porn parodies, let me introduce you...

Parody porn is a sub-genre that parodies the title to the mainstream film or television show using sexual puns.  For example: Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, Wonder Woman XXX: A Hardcore Parody, Superman XXX: A Porn Parody, The Sex Files, Porn Wars: Episode 1, Sex Trek, and Sex Trek: The Next Penetration.  Quite creative.  Albeit, quite entertaining.  There are several different companies that participate in penetrating the market with these invaluable films—from Vivid to Hustler.  Superhero and comic book porn tend to be in the post popular genres of parody porn.  I guess we know the nerds are not just writing code!  They are jacking off to their favorite hollywood film fantasies!

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Comic-book-related porn parodies are pretty exciting, to say the least.  “The Incredible Hulk XXX: A Porn Parody” is a production by the powerhouse of the adult industry—Vivid Entertainment.  What is interesting about this parody— it draws inspiration from the 1977 television movie that starred Bill Bixby.  The film doesn’t look to the recent film starring Eric Bana and Ed Norton.  Too boring! Watching the seventies version of the Hulk is way better, especially when it comes to porn, vintage outfits, cheesy music…I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I was always wondering how the Hulk kept those extremely bulging tight pants on when he “hulked out” in the 70’s classic…I guess I don’t have to worry now!  Those pants won’t stay on in the XXX version!  Big green dick here we cum!  The big green Hulk getting on will be interesting.  Everyman’s fantasy to transform into a beast and ravage a few maidens! 

Recently, Vivid produced Star Wars XXX, the largest budget film they have ever made, and they expect the film to be a best seller for 2012—move that ass over Kim Kardashian, your sex tape just might be second rate after these awesome porn parodies.  Star Wars XXX (too bad they didn’t call it star whores) is a parody on…you guessed it—Star Wars!  I know we all wanted to see Princess Leia’s buns truly undone!  Bend over, that lightsaber will give that pussy a beating!  This Star Wars porn is truly in tit top shape.  Luke Skywalker is now Luke Skyfucker!  Darth Vader as Lexington Steele, shows the princess the “dark side” with his cock—don’t worry heavy breathing is included.  Let’s not forget Chewbacca— he even whips out his big meat-stick underneath that hairy costume and gets it on!  Star Wars like you have never seen it before. 

Don’t worry porn parodies aren’t left to just movies.   You can watch your favorite television shows with a twist too!  For example:  This Ain’t The Partridge Family XXX, 30 Rock Porn Parody, Dexxxter, and Twin Cheeks! You name your favorite television show and they probably have it in a better version! 

Let’s get philosophical here—Oscar Wilde once asked if life imitated art or if art imitated life.  This aphorism certainly rings true in the porn parody world—it imitates both!  This idea only becomes as deep as the next superhero dick in a vixen’s vagina!  That is art for you!

Another popular porn parody is Spiderman XXX: A Porn Parody.  Spiderman’s web becomes a web of cum upon the faces of every hot woman that needs to be rescued.  In addition to cumming, Spiderman has to save the city from the evil menace of Electro and The Kingpin!  What will Peter Parker do?  Whom will he do, is the real question!  Peter Parker knows how to park his pepper!  Parker has a hard task ahead of him—trying to choose between Gwen and Mary Jane and all the other women who are ready for Parker’s PETER!  It will be roughly impenetrable to resist the charm of The Black Widow!  Spiderman XXX is the only way to see what Spiderman should be doing with his awesome powers!

Look, making porn parodies can be murder!  Big dicks, fake tits, and Ron Jeremy is horror at its greatest!  You are in for a scream of pleasure with Vivid’s Scream XXX!  You won’t be answering the phone during this thriller (in more ways than one).  Who doesn’t love watching Ron Jeremy? The unattractive male scaring and conquering hot babes!  This is a must see for those who need their fill of porn and horror!

Let’s not forget a few of our favorites like Batman and Superman XXX porn parodies.  If we haven’t already exhausted the comic book porn parodies!  Rescue, kidnap, fighting off the bad guys with nothing more than a big dick.  You know the drill.  Another, famous porn parody is Elvis XXX.  When Elvis starts shaking his hips that rhinestone buckle comes off and the dick does the singing after that!  See what a groupie will do for some famous cock! So many films to choose from!

These porn parodies are not only fun and arousing for men, but women are more apt to enjoy them too.  So if you want your girlfriend to watch porn with you—start with a story line—like a porn parody!  Fun, entertaining, and bound to get both of you off!  Porn parodies are for men and women.   Porn for women is a market that is certainly growing!  And porn parodies are where it is at—she might be laughing but she will be wet and ready. 

Porn Parodies are an interesting way to mix up your old porn routine!  Your imagination has already gone there—why not watch it!